Cyber Security threats are a real thing for all companies, big or small. With connected offices and on the move staff, companies rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to collect, store and share information. Many organizations choose third party vendors to handle the services required for smooth functioning of offices. This requires for an assessment to ensure that the IT infrastructure is adequate as well as secure enough to handle your organizational requirements. A Cyber Security Attestation is a valuable report that allows you to gauge the level of cyber security being maintained for your data and formulate plans for risk mitigation.

At SOC Assurance, we help organizations come up with a cyber-security risk mitigation plan. Depending on the scale of your organization we help you devise plans that improve your cyber security measures. Our rich experience in dealing with global clients, brings the best of global practices to your organization and align your priorities and processes as per global demands.

The world of cyber security is constantly evolving. Strategies and infrastructure need to be constantly updated in line with new threats and risks. SOC Assurance helps you understand the new risks to your cyber security plans and suggests improvements to bolster them. In case of a cyber attack on your IT infrastructure, SOC Assurance’s team of experts can help you gather evidence, gauge the extent of damage, minimize your further risks and carry out forensic analyses of the event. Where required, we can also help you with inquiries, whether internal or external, to address the cyber security breach in line with organizational and statutory policies.

The cyber security reporting and attestation framework released in May 2017 is meant to evaluate the effectiveness of cyber security risk management programs and provide remedial measures to address gaps in your programs. A cyber security attestation can help a service organization gain a distinct competitive advantage while also ensuring that its processes and systems are in place to thwart any risks that can damage data and its business.

For organizations that do not like outsourcing data handling, an attestation program clearly adds more value to the brand and the company itself. It is a simple way of demonstrating cyber security measures to all stake holders in a transparent manner. An attestation can also help an organization demonstrate compliance and streamlines the processes for taking up compliance audits in the future.

Overall, SOC Assurance’s attestation and advisory services can help your organization assess your IT system and infrastructure, evaluate its effectiveness, implement improvement measures and stay on top of new risks to your data, business and organization.