#1 IT Security Offering 1 – PCI DSS: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a global standard adopted by companies that collect, process or transmit payment card data. The purpose of following this standard is to ensure that the companies handling this data are ensuring sufficient controls are in place to prevent loss of this data by accident or through a security breach. [Learn More]

#2 IT Security Offering 2 – Penetration Testing: With increasing use of digital technology, one also needs to secure the data that is collected or stored by a company and ensure that services offered are available to users at all times. Companies offering such services, often perform a vulnerability assessment of their workflows and IT infrastructure to identify gaps in their IT security. However, one simply cannot plug in these gaps without carrying out a penetration test. [Learn More]

#3 IT Security Offering 3 – ISO 27001: Securing personal information of clients such as phone numbers, payment details etc. are a major priority for all companies that handle or process data. Any breach of security of the information system can lead to data leakages that can not only harm the company but also individual customers whose data has been exposed. Different countries have different policies and standards when it comes to managing and securing of data. Complying with variable standards is difficult for companies and therefore, most multinational companies often follow the International Standards for security management of their information systems, ISO 27001. [Learn More]

#4 IT Security Offering 4 – GDPR: The Data Protection Directives active in the European Union (EU) were first adopted in 1995 and did not apply to all companies that operated outside the EU. Since 1995, the world has changed a lot and internet enables businesses to be conducted halfway across the globe. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adopted by the EU in 2016, reflects this change in conducting business and therefore, applies the GDPR to all companies, as long as they operate in the EU. [Learn More]

#5 IT Security Offering 5 – Information Security & Awareness Training: The increasing usage of computing and internet technology in day to day affairs has helped many businesses scale up quickly and offer their services and products in multiple markets. As our dependencies on devices grow, so do the vulnerabilities of the IT infrastructure as more and more staff access data from remote places. [Learn More]

#6 IT Security Offering 6 – Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services: The modern way of conducting business relies heavily on data and the ability to connect with clients and colleagues in different parts of the world. New age businesses are mostly online and a break in IT infrastructure essentially means a break in business continuity. [Learn More]