Securing personal information of clients such as phone numbers, payment details etc. are a major priority for all companies that handle or process data. Any breach of security of the information system can lead to data leakages that can not only harm the company but also individual customers whose data has been exposed. Different countries have different policies and standards when it comes to managing and securing of data. Complying with variable standards is difficult for companies and therefore, most multinational companies often follow the International Standards for security management of their information systems, ISO 27001.

This Standard helps your organization determine the risks to your information systems and design a plan to minimize these risks. It helps in identification of system vulnerabilities and plans for the reduction of chances of a breach. Following the standard also allows your organization to demonstrate compliance to the best industry standards for information system management and avoid any regulatory issues. Additionally, it instils faith in faith prospective clients and gives you a competitive edge over other players in the market who are not following the highest standards.

ISO 270001 applies to all organizations that collect and process data either for themselves or on behalf of their clients. Additionally, it can also be adopted by organizations where the use of digital systems is rampant, sensitive information is stored on office servers and requires protection. Application, as well as the implementation of ISO 27001, is like any other ISO certification, starting with decision making, defining scope, implementation of the controls, gap assessment, policy making, external audit and then certification. The external audit is always carried out by a third party expert in the field which ensures a non-biased and fair analysis of your information system.

Like any other ISO certification, achieving ISO 27001 certification is not an easy feat. It requires management commitment, sufficient resources and a highly motivated staff for implementation and completion of a successful audit. Our team of experts at SOC Assurance can help your team at each and every step of the way to ensure that your organization can plan and attain certification within a good timeline. We work with our clients to understand their requirements, priorities, available resources and then work out a plan to be followed for a successful external audit.