If your organization, even if registered in Canada, operates in the US capital markets, then all your financial reports are subject to Sarbanes Oxley Act and need to demonstrate effective internal controls for financial reporting. The Sarbanes Oxley Act, introduced in 2002, is the result of accounting scandals that were carried out by big American corporations and provides a means to check If any company trading in the US capital market is misreporting their numbers using financial loopholes. Commonly, this now called, SOX Compliance.

Companies that are based in other countries often find it extremely taxing to complete the SOX compliance along with their financial reports. This is especially, a herculean task for companies that are new to the US markets and do not have to demonstrate such compliance in their home markets. This is where the team of experts at SOC Assurance can help you. Our years of experience in dealing with SOX Compliance enables us to shorten the audit process times and comply with statutory requirements.

For organizations that are looking to include SOX compliance as part of their internal controls, SOC Assurance can help you prepare a complete compliance program that is tailored to your organization. All our programs have clear guidelines that clarify the purpose and intended outcome of each process and are achieved with minimal documentation and burden to your staff. Continued compliance can be assured with our advisory as well as implementation services.

While working with our experts, your staff will also learn about the best practices of compliance and methodologies that need to be implemented to get the best out of your internal controls. Once SOX compliance is implemented in your organization processes, it becomes easier for us to give our opinion on your financial reports and the effectiveness of internal controls.