The modern way of conducting business relies heavily on data and the ability to connect with clients and colleagues in different parts of the world. New age businesses are mostly online and a break in IT infrastructure essentially means a break in business continuity. As organizations grow, they do adapt business continuity plans but disaster recovery is equally important. Data that might have been lost needs to be restored back as quickly as possible. But your IT team is also hit by the problem that the business is facing and that’s where you need a trusted third party supplier to provide disaster recovery services.

While businesses concentrate on ensuring that their business continuity plans are up to date and can be applied at short notice, data recovery usually lags. Not only does it cause interruptions and inconvenience to your clients, it also affects productivity amongst staff. There are a good number of disaster recovery services that are available out there and choosing the right one for your organization can be a difficult task. The wider is the spread of your organization, the greater are the chances of downtimes and that is why you need a reliable partner who can quickly deliver backups and help in resuming site operations in the shortest time possible.

SOC Assurance can audit your disaster recovery capabilities and suggest improvements for the same. Our audits comprise of four major steps, a review, some tests, an evaluation and then implementation. Our in-depth review begins with your business continuity plan, where we try to understand which services are utmost important to your business and need immediate revival in case of downtime.  We then review the threats that you have enlisted to the data and then further include new and emerging threats can potentially disrupt your business. Accordingly, we suggest plans to fill in these gaps.

Once the plan is in place, we carry out some tests to check the reliability of the procedures in place. A few mock drills along with your disaster recovery provider can help in verifying response times as well as identifying areas for improvement. Our experiences show that companies often rely on the third party provider to facilitate recovery but do not sufficiently investigate the root causes or elaborate on their own responsibilities during failures. An in-depth evaluation can give greater clarity on the procedures in place and refine them for the future.

SOC Assurance’s audit for business continuity and disaster recovery has benefited many organizations and helped them prepare better for a rainy day. Talk to our experts to know how you can make your recovery plans more reliable.