As we constantly move to a more connected world, where we rely heavily on our servers to handle our data and smartphones and computers to connect us, our exposure to cyber threats have increased considerably. The possibilities of a cyber attack on major organizations have moved from if to when and it is only good preventive measures that can safeguard your data and your business from these threats. Working a with Cyber Security Advisor like SOC Assurance can help your business prepare and respond better, in case of a cyber attack.

Cybersecurity experts at SOC have years of experience in working with organizations, big and small and addressing their needs. Not all organizations are the same, nor are their priorities. A standard IT security plan cannot be applied to all organizations that’s why our team works closely with you to find out the problems that your business faces. Often, organizations make changes to policies and protocols to make access easier for their employees but also risk opening up gaps for cyber attackers to exploit. We analyse such deviations first to strengthen your IT infrastructure within its existing capabilities, before embarking on a long-term security plan.

Cyber Security is an evolving field and strategies drawn five years ago may not be relevant now. Instead of pushing back and responding at a time of calamity, we encourage our clients to be more proactive about their cyber risks. We review cybersecurity policies for your organization to ensure that they are relevant today. Depending on the priorities of your organization, we can help you modify them for a more proactive organization and then aid you in implementing them across all offices. Your cyber defence is only as strong as your weakest link. This is why cybersecurity cannot be about implementation where your data is stored. It has to be implemented at all levels of the organization.

Once your cyber security plan and implementation are up to speed, we continue to work with you to ensure that the cybersecurity plan also evolves along with your organization. As more and more players get access to your IT infrastructure, the risks of data breaches increase in nature as well as by number. Our advisory services can help you stay on top of your risks and the damage that they can cause.

Even after all the precautions taken, in the unfortunate scenario of a cyber attack, we can help you recover your data, analyse and investigate the attack and support you with internal as well as external enquiries.