One would presume that major companies around the globe take cybersecurity extremely seriously and have safeguards in place to ensure that no data breaches take place. While part of this is true, that major companies have major safeguards in place to minimize data breaches, only a small part of these companies actually have a detailed response plan in place to deal with a cyber risk or a data security breach.

As companies have gone digital to increase their efficiencies, data thieves are having a field day with so many lapses in cybersecurity that they can take advantage of. Drafting and implementation of new policies can take months in an organization while data thieves up their game every day. To stay on top of your cybersecurity plans, you need the help of an expert who can assess cybersecurity in your organization IT controls. SOC Assurance can carry out periodical assessments of your IT infrastructure and protocols and suggest remediation in line with global practices.

Larger organizations usually have abundant resources to lay out IT procedures and practices. It is the smaller businesses that constantly face the crunch of resources and the risk of losing out to competition by not implementing a good security plan. Our team of experts can help you arrive at the golden mean where you can implement policies with affordable budgets without compromising on your data protection.

Not all organizations are the same nor is the data that your organization collects and stores. Sensitive information that customer’s contact numbers, emails and bank details need higher levels of protection as against your internal data of inventory or sales figures. SOC Assurance assesses the cybersecurity and apprises you of the improvements needed to meet the standards of the industry that you are in and the IT controls you need to put in place. Like any other audit, an IT audit will reveal gaps in your existing processes and help you improve them.

Since even small to medium-sized organizations are capable of collecting payment data from their clients, data thieves are focusing their attention on smaller organizations, where cybersecurity is likely to be weak. By being proactive, you can ensure that your business, as well as your customer’s data, is not affected by any attempts to breach your cyber defences.