#1 Compliance Offering 1 – Cybersecurity and IT Controls Assessment: One would presume that major companies around the globe take cybersecurity extremely seriously and have safeguards in place to ensure that no data breaches take place. While part of this is true, that major companies have major safeguards in place to minimize data breaches, only a small part of these companies actually have a detailed response plan in place to deal with a cyber risk or a data security breach. [Learn More]

#2 Compliance Offering 2 – Internal Audit Services: SOC Assurance provides Internal Audit services to demonstrate your IT infrastructure’s compliance with industry standards. By working with SOC Assurance, you can rest assured that your internal audit is being carried out under experienced eyes and all necessary policies are put in place to demonstrate the necessary compliance. Working with our experts, also allows your staff to gain a first-hand experience of how IT audits must be conducted in the future. [Learn More]

#3 Compliance Offering 3 – Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance: If your organization, even if registered in Canada, operates in the US capital markets, then all your financial reports are subject to Sarbanes Oxley Act and need to demonstrate effective internal controls for financial reporting. The Sarbanes Oxley Act, introduced in 2002, is the result of accounting scandals that were carried out by big American corporations and provides a means to check If any company trading in the US capital market is misreporting their numbers using financial loopholes. Commonly, this now called, SOX Compliance. [Learn More]