The Data Protection Directives active in the European Union (EU) were first adopted in 1995 and did not apply to all companies that operated outside the EU. Since 1995, the world has changed a lot and internet enables businesses to be conducted halfway across the globe. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adopted by the EU in 2016, reflects this change in conducting business and therefore, applies the GDPR to all companies, as long as they operate in the EU.

GDPR comes to force in the mid of 2018 in Europe and is more likely to affect Canadian businesses who do not operate under such strict regulation here. However, companies conducting businesses in the EU, even though they may be operating from Canada, will still have to demonstrate compliance with these policies or face being blocked out. There are also many other changes that come into force with regards to porting out data, taking consent for every bit of data being collected separately and also the extent of fines that can be raised against a violating company. Since the data protection law in Canada, currently, does not have these provisions, there are bound to clash about what is legal in Canada and what is legal in Europe. However, if a decent share of your customers come from Europe, it simply makes sense to gear up towards this change and quickly.

At SOC Assurance, we can help you undergo this quick transformation and align your policies and practices in compliance with the GDPR. Our expert team will first conduct a readiness assessment to check your current policies and determine how much they comply to the GDPR. Then, a gap assessment will aid you in identifying which areas need immediate remediation for compliance and which areas are currently out of the scope of the GDPR. We can then help you chalk out a time-bound plan to realign your work practices in compliance with the new rules and put it into action. Our expert’s auditors can then monitor your workflow and certify your compliance to GDPR and help you avoid any hiccups when GDPR comes into force.

Many countries are now concerned about the data that companies are collecting and analysing about their citizens and are, therefore, putting in place stricter norms for such activities. The EU has been gracious enough to give companies sufficient time to understand and comply with its changing policies. Many other countries may simply change their policies overnight and expect companies to demonstrate compliance or be blocked off. At such times, you need expert advice to understand the difference a policy makes to your business and how you can adapt to changing policies. SOC Assurance helps businesses, small and big, comply with changing laws with a quick turn around so that your business always remains ahead of your competitors.