The increasing usage of computing and internet technology in day to day affairs has helped many businesses scale up quickly and offer their services and products in multiple markets. As our dependencies on devices grow, so do the vulnerabilities of the IT infrastructure as more and more staff access data from remote places, result of which information security and awareness training is must.

Traditionally, Information Security training was only about using highly secure passwords and making sure that your anti-virus was well updated. This could be done in a few PowerPoint presentations and some videos. But with changing times, staff need to be made more aware of how data can be breached, how sophisticated phishing attacks are these days and how can one secure the IT infrastructure. SOC Assurance conducts Information Security and Awareness Training with real-life scenarios and examples that not only gather attendee attention but also ensure information retention.

Our training modules include general awareness about information security and can also include a special focus on weak areas of vulnerability assessment. Depending on the sensitivity of the information that your organization handles, we train your staff on the various levels of security existing in your organization and on protocols to be followed to avoid data breaches.

In addition to training your staff on how to store, transport and destroy data, we can also review processes in the organization that could weaken security. Our training includes the best industry practices followed in building access, handling of security, reporting incidents etc. and can be customized to your organization’s requirements as well. Where needed, we can also help you formulate or review the nondisclosure agreements for staff that handle sensitive information.

All our training sessions always include information sharing on how malware and ransomware are spread, phishing scams planned and launched and how social engineering can be used to make employees divulge information that can harm the IT security in the organization. Once again, we use real-life example how major scams or security breaches have been executed and the protocols that need to be followed to avoid them.

Where possible, we stress on the usage of two-factor authentication for all sensitive areas and stress on a good password policy for all levels of the organization. We also educate staff on the consequences of the failure of IT security to the organization as well as parties whose information has been compromised. Legal and regulatory ramifications are also discussed in greater detail depending on the nature of your organization along with penalties that are applied in the event of failure of IT infrastructure.

With SOC’s Information Security and Awareness Training, you can rest assured that all levels of staff are motivated to take their responsibilities seriously and lasting changes in employee behaviour are seen at all levels of the organization.