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Division of SAV Associates, a Toronto based CPA firm that specializes in IT security audit and advisory services.

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Taking the time to manage your IT environment better can really pay off. It can help you stay on top of any security threats and effectively manage against risks such as reputation, privacy of your clients.

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We use best of the breed tool available in the market to keep on top of IT threats, use these tool to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats.


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Our staff is located in Toronto. Based on the client specific needs, we can perform our work at client site or from our office in Toronto.

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Find out about the ways to deal with risk compliance and security, if you are falling behind with latest technologies, day-to-day monitoring or other commitments you may contact us for and initial complimentary advice by speaking to one of our IT risk and compliance advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. Our staff can help work out what's right for you!

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